New Website is Live

The PSKK website was updated today to an entirely new, modernized site engine powered by WordPress. There are a number of new features and we hope to begin building a lot more content on the site in the coming months. While you’re here, check out the new features:

  • The classes page has a calendar with events and class schedules for all of the PSKK schools.
  • The events page has an RSS feed, so you can subscribe to our updates list and watch all of our new posts.
  • We have a public forum for discussions, questions, and other topics – feel free to register your name and start posting.
  • You can use Facebook to like any page or post on the site! This is a great way to share our school and style with your friends.

We also have a blogroll now – this is a list of affiliated websites run by members of our school. It’s kind of empty now, so if you’re a member of our school and have a website you’d like to have listed, please email me and let me know!

Be sure to friend us on Facebook too!