Announcing the PSKK Memorial Scholarships for 2013

This year we are pleased to offer the Philadelphia School of Korean Karate Memorial Scholarships. These scholarships are in memory of our deceased black belt PSKK members. They include: Sean DiObilda, Nick Mullin, Wilber Wamsley, John Hurley, Dr. Robert Jenkins Clark and Duk Sung Son. As you know our PSKK students organized a very successful fund raising event this year and Grandmaster Richard Sand will award the scholarships at our January 19th Black Belt examination at the UMLY.

The criteria to apply are that you must be a current PSKK brown or black belt student and demonstrate your interest by answering the questions below. These scholarship funds are to be used by the recipients to further their education. The deadline for the applications is January 4th,2013. Please respond by e-mail to Headmaster Steve Sciscione at

1.Why do you believe we should select you as a recipient for this scholarship?

2.How would you plan to spend the scholarship award?

Please keep your response to three or four paragraphs. We look forward to your submissions and the opportunity to award these scholarships.