Announcing The 2015 PSKK Scholarships

We would like to award one or two PSKK memorial scholarships at our August 29 black belt test. These scholarships are in memory of all our deceased PSKK Black Belts.

Any PSKK student, brown belt level and up, is eligible to apply if they are planning on continuing their education and currently training with PSKK.

Applicants who are interested should send response emails to Grandmaster Richard Sand (, Headmasters Walt Buechner ( and Steve Sciscione(, and Master Andrea Buechner( by August 8th.

The following questions should be addressed in their email responses:

  1. Why do you think you should receive the scholarship award? How will you use the funds?
  2. How have you helped others both in and out of the school while training at the PSKK?

Please keep responses to two pages or less. We will announce the awards at the August 29th Black Belt test at the UMLY.