Lionville Class Schedule for August

Adult classes at the YMCA will end for the month on August 11th, and the last Saturday class will be the 20th.  The YMCA will be completely closed for cleaning the week of the 22nd through the 29th. Both the Kids and Adult Classes will start again on September 6th. Times and dates for Saturday … Read more

Lionville YMCA Demo 2016

The PSKK held a demonstration for the Lionville YMCA at Healthy Kids Day on Saturday. We had a great turnout with many of our students coming out to show everyone what the PSKK is all about.

Test Results

I’m happy to announce that all of our test candidates passed their colored belt test. Congratulations to everyone who was promoted today! If you have pictures you’d like posted, please send them to me. Remember, if you’d like access to the PSKK’s online training manual, just follow the instructions on the link! 🙂

Black Belt Test 2015

The black belt test on Saturday went very well, with all participants passing. I would like to congratulate all of our new 1st degree black belts: Alex Rubin Elizabeth Billman Brian Long Father Charles Zlock And all of the new 2nd degree black belts: Christin Caporizzo Amy Erickson Andrew Hampsen Ben Floyd Ben Romer And … Read more

Announcing The 2015 PSKK Scholarships

We would like to award one or two PSKK memorial scholarships at our August 29 black belt test. These scholarships are in memory of all our deceased PSKK Black Belts. Any PSKK student, brown belt level and up, is eligible to apply if they are planning on continuing their education and currently training with PSKK. … Read more

Tuesday Classes Canceled For June 23, 30 At Lionville

The YMCA is out of session for two weeks following the end of the last session, so the Tuesday classes this week and next have been cancelled. There will still be class held at the regular 8PM time on Thursday, and Saturday classes at noon. Tuesday class will resume on July 7th.

The Kelly’s Sports Web Store Is Open

Check out our online store at! You can order hoodies, t-shirts, and other gear with our school logo, and have it delivered to your home or to your school. The store is only open until April 27, so order soon!

Kelly Sports Store is Open Again!

Check out our Kelly Sports online store, loaded with PSKK-logo gear! You can grab T-shirts, fleece jackets, hoodies, and even a gym bag, all in black with our school logo. Though the page says it closes on the 10th, the store should stay open until the 17th, but don’t put off ordering too long or … Read more

One More Week of Classes For Lionville!

Despite reports to the contrary, there is actually one more week of class at the Lionville YMCA before the summer break. We will have adult karate at the usual 8PM time in the usual place upstairs! Please spread the word to any other students, so that no one will accidentally miss out on class. 🙂 … Read more