Saturday Class Update

Saturday Black Belt classes at the Lionville Y will continue from 11-1 pm on Saturdays. This advanced practice is primarily a Black Belt class, however brown belt candidates for Black Belt may attend. The Y may charge a $ 5 fee at the front desk since it is not a scheduled Y class. All Black … Read more

Saturday Class Cancelled For May 17

The Saturday Hapkido class for May 17th is cancelled. Saturday classes will resume at their normal time on May 24th. If you’re looking for something to do on the 17th, why not come out to the Nick Smiles on the Fine Arts 5K Run? You can still register online until early tomorrow (3AM deadline!), or … Read more

Black Belt Test Results + Photos!

I’m very happy to announce that all of our black belt candidates passed the test today! Big congratulations to all of our new first degrees: #170 Amy Erickson #171 William Sherman #172 Kelly Voss #173 Stephanie Costa I’ll be adding pictures from the test to the page as I get them!