The Philadelphia School of Korean Karate offers both adult and children’s classes in Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do at several locations around the greater Philadelphia area.

Adult Classes

The adult program is designed to build confidence in yourself and provide a sense of security stemming from a knowledge of self-defense techniques and improved physical fitness. The hard workouts and detailed instruction not only help one develop physically, but also bring improved health, grace of movement, and relief from the stress of daily life.

A typical class will include instruction in basic techniques, one-step self-defense move, forms (tul) and closely supervised free sparring. Full use is made of training equipment such as the heavy bag, focus mits, and Thai pads. Nautilus and free weight training is available at most locations.

Children’s Classes

The children’s program provides instruction for children from seven to twelve years of age. As with the adult program, training is designed to develop discipline and confidence while improving physical conditioning and coordination. Children’s classes are run similarly to the adult classes, but with special attention given to the physical and mental capabilities of children. Classes are scheduled to work with both the child’s and parent’s needs. Many parents work out in the fitness center while their children are in class.

To order uniforms, shirts, or sparring gear, please print out a copy of our order form and bring it to class. Orders typically take one week to fill.

Class Calendar


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