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A Newly Enhanced Resource to Supplement and Enhance Your Tae Kwon Do Training
Now with videos of all practiced forms!

We are pleased to introduce a new instructional resource made available by the Philadelphia School of Korean Karate for PSKK members and friends.

e-PSKK is your mobile companion to your martial arts study and supplement to your weekly Tae Kwon Do class instruction. Practicing a form and forget the next move? No problem, just consult e-PSKK on your desktop, laptop or mobile device for the form’s choreography and continue your practice. Then come to class to gain further understanding of technique and form. Remember e-PSKK is not intended to replace classroom instruction, but to supplement it and help you with your home practice.

What You Can Expect to Find

This new resource includes:

  • The history of martial arts, Tae Kwon Do, Chung Do Kwan and the Philadelphia School of
    Korean Karate, founded by Grandmaster Richard M. Sand in 1967
  • Photos and descriptions of stances, blocks, strikes and kicks
  • Photos and descriptions of white through senior level black belt forms
  • 3-step, now in video and 1-step sparring photos
  • Knife-defense
  • Videos of all forms, white through senior level black belt

New Rate

This subscription-based tool is available for a one-time fee of $60, plus $20 at each belt test to 1st degree black belt. After which, you are paid in full. To receive your e-PSKK Mobile Companion, complete the attached e-PSKK Registration Form and submit it along with payment. Checks are acceptable but cash is preferred. Checks can be made out to Andy Buechner. Once registered, your logon and password will be emailed to you. Your subscription will be continuous.

On the Horizon

Visit regularly as enhancements to the site will continue. Videos of 1-steps, freestyle and helpful tips will be added to this already informative and useful tool. Forms and payment can be submitted to your instructor.


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